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Total Web Works is the best solution for creating professional websites without having to do any of the work yourself.

Starting at $ 49 / mo.*


Sites like Wix and SquareSpace make you do all the work.

You are not a professional web developer nor do you have time to learn to be. Avoid the limits of such platforms that will never yield a truly professional website.

With TotalWebWorks we do all the work.

Here's the Best Part :

You get unlimited revisions and changes on your website at

If you change your mind on something, or want to add some new elements to your site just reach out to your personal consultant via Phone or Email and they will make it happen!

Our Recent Work

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What You Get :

Dedicated & Personal

Your personal web consultant will guide you through the entire process and ensure you end up with a website that is even better than what you can envision.


A professional web development team with over 15 years experience to build your site using the best of today's technology.


Unlimited revisions and changes to your website! Just reach out to your personal web consultant any time and within a few days your changes are live.

Low Monthly Rate

One low monthly rate for ALL OF THIS. You don't pay extra for changes, updates, upgrades, or revisions. IT's ALL INCLUDED.

We Do All the Work

You focus on your business and let us focus on making your website the best it can be. We take up the minimal amount of your time it takes.

No Limits !

Any type of website you want without any limitations.

Starting at $ 49 / mo.*


1. Just fill out the simple contact form and one of our web consultants will contact you within 24 hours.
2. The consultant will discuss your web project with you and get all the details and guide you through the options to determine what the best elements are for your web site.
3. You will get a personalized site plan and once you give us the green light, your new professional website will be underway.

F.A.Q. :

What is included ?

All of your website needs will be included in the monthly subscription fee. Our quotes are personalized and will vary depending on how much processing power, bandwith usage, and a variety of other factors your site will consume, but it will always include top-notch security and ease of access.

What is my total cost ?

Your total cost is whatever your monthly subscription quote is. It will include everything your website needs, including server hosting, database, and bandwith allocations.

Is there a limit to what my website can do ?

We'll make sure all your needs will be met. Sometimes there can be technical limits on a case by case basis, but we will be sure to get you the right amount of services your website needs. We will manage everything, including adjustments to server load in case your site receives high amounts of traffic.

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